Warhead is a fabled monster from the Original Skannerz. Supposedly it is monster #140 and Tech class.

Here is a quote from the original finder.

"So I was messing around with my Ujalu Skanner (the red one) when I decide to see what would happen
if I took the batteries out and waiting for the screen to fade and hit the reset button just as the
screen was fading away. When I hit the button it did the start up screen but just as the screen went
blank the Skanner made a high pitched noise. I was able to get the battery back in before the noise
stopped and when I pressed on it gave me a screen saying "press ON" no matter what I pressed it wouldn't
change the screen so I just waiting for it to go into sleep mode and pressed on again. It came on like
normal, no Radica intro, no name select. The first thing I did was check the username, it was just a
bunch of scrambled letters, symbols, and there was even a number 6 in the middle which is interesting
since you can't use numbers when making a name. So next I checked the monsters, it was so strange I had
18 Zendra and 12 Pataak monsters as well as Shard, Hot Head, and Voodoo. I was so shocked, the Zendra
and Pataak monsters where impossible to get on a Ujalu Skanner and the Outcast monsters required
special barcodes to download. Not only that, there was one other monster I had never heard of it was
called #140 - Warhead (Tech Class). It's some weird monster, it starts out with 99 HP and it's level 1!
it has a wopping 10 defense and 4 speed, it's attack is called Nuke, I tested it in battle and it does
9 damage and also has poison effect on top of that. I tried getting it to level up but getting it to
50 EXP (which is 20 more then the manual requires) it still stayed at level 1. It's monster picture
looks like an angry missile with razor teeth (kind of like a bullet bill) I'm not sure if it's just
me but it seems like it's attacks almost never miss.

It is unknown if barcodes for Warhead exist.


Since Shard, the last known monster, is #138 and Warhead is supposed to be #140 that means there
is also at least one other hidden monster. In monster lists it always goes Magic class, Tech class,
and Power class. Since Warhead is a Tech class this might imply that #139 might be some sort of Magic
equivilent and #141 might be a Power equivlent.
These monsters may have been put in to be God monsters for the Skannerz.