On the planet Kaos the three tribes (Zendra, Pataak, and Ujalu) all believed they should control the planet. Eventually the tribes become violent with each other starting war, these battles eventually lead to the destruction of their planet. With no planet they fly through the galaxy looking for a new home. Eventually they find Earth and hide themselves in barcodes waiting for the right time to invade.

Flux catches onto their plan and eventually invents the Skannerz, one for each tribe, to trap them in the devices and force them to battle each other so they cannot destroy the Earth like they did their own planet.

The plan works however some of the monsters eventually start breaking away from the tribes and go rogue trying to make their own tribe. With the monsters no longer as easy to capture Flux must invent the Skannerz Commander inorder to capture the rogue monsters and convince them to form a tribe designed to save the earth rather then destroy it and stop the alien civil war.