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The three original Skannerz in their unopen packaging like they were sold in stores. The top-most Skannerz is of the Pataak Tribe and bares a picture of the monster #071 - Antar. Underneath is a Zendra Skanner with a picture of #031 - Bog. Last is a Ujalu Skanner however, it is unknown what monster is featured on the boxart.



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Skannerz is a stand alone portable game franchise that started in the year 2000. The devices are barcode battlers in which you scan various barcodes and collect monsters, items, and get into battles with other tribes. These devices also could be link allowing players to battle against other Skannerz. Originally there were three tribe Skannerz, later a new one was released called Skannerz Commander. This Skanner could battle other Skannerz Comanders however was incompatible with the original tribe Skannerz. Later Skannerz Racerz was made which was a barcode scanning game in which the player could collect cars, and parts to make better vehiciles for racing. The last Skannerz product released was the Skannerz Battle Orbz, a monster fighting game. Orbz does not involve barcodes in any way.


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