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Skannerz Commander is a Radica handheld video game that was release in 2001 as a follow up to the Original Skannerz. Unlike it's predecessor it was released by itself will all monsters able to be capture by the one unit.

The device is incompatible with the tribal Skannerz and contains 126 completely new monsters and 12 new Secret monsters, while the 24 items have new images and names they are the same items as the original and even use the same barcodes.

Battling in Commander is far different from it's predecessor, instead of simply having options to pick from the player must pick which monster to attack with and to attack, combos or blocks can be preformed by hitting A when the same number as your or your opponents HP comes on the screen.

Using items has become a complicated process in which the right number must be hit on the scale to use the item.

the option of running away has been added before battles, however, losing a match will result in one monster on the team dying and must be re-scanned to retrieve. The monster will begin again at level 1 with minimum health.