The three original Skannerz: Zendra (blue), Pataak (green), and Ujalu (red).

Skannerz is a Radica handheld game device produced between 2000 and 2006, it is a monster fighting RPG console which through the use of UPC barcodes utilises. The initial devices were released in three different colors each symbolising one of three tribes at war. Each device could only collect monsters of the same tribe, scanning a monster from a seperate tribe would result in a battle, to collect all monsters one would need all three Skannerz. Other Skannerz lines were the Skannerz Commander, Skannerz Racerz and Skannerz Battle Orbz. Eventually the Skannerz production became defunct after the company was bought out by Matel in late 2006/early 2007.

The games came with an instruction manual that gave advice from a character name Flux and included 3 scannable barcodes for each tribe as starters.

Each game also included a comic book, which was unique for each tribe making a total of 3 comic books in all. Which tell most of the storyline.

Sometime after May 2002 once Radica had announced the existence of the Exile Monsters holographic cards containing pictures, stats, and a downloadable barcode of three of the monsters would be included with each system.

When changing the 3 AAA batteries the system requires the system will run for about 20 seconds before resetting the entire game or glitching. The system will actually run for this much time with the batteries out of the system, and can still be played until the screen fades. If the batteries are taken out while the game is off the data will not be deleted.

According to the Manual the Skannerz are actually call 'controllers' in the Skannerz world.

Skannerz-A Basic Tutorial

Skannerz-A Basic Tutorial

Skannerz Basic Tutorial. All video rights belong to AMSG-G.

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