The MONSTER option under the menu can be used to check out the status of each monster that has been downloaded to the monster database.

Monsters can be level 1 to level 3. Every monster increases from level 1 to 2 when they reach 31 HP and level 2 to 3 when they reach 70 HP, 99 HP is the highest HP any single monster can have.

Note: EXP has no effect on level, it only states how many winning battles the monster has been in.

Information that can be obtained in this sub-menu

  • Image of monster (pressing pan and using the arrow keys makes it possible to see the whole image)
  • Name and number of monster
  • Monsters: Hit Points, Defense, and Speed
  • Level and Experience Points
  • List of monsters attacks (damage or poison effect not listed)
  • Monsters code

According to the Skannerz manual

"Select "code" to access the code you can use on my website so you can find out other cool stuff about your monsters."

This feature was never actually added to the site before the site was eventually shut down.

List of Monsters