Skannerz (Original)Edit

There are a total of 24 items in the game, which ones are currently usable can be found in the ITEM sub-menu. Only one of each item can be had at a time. This menu is only for looking at items, a picture and a name is provide, not effect.

Only 3 of the 24 items can be used by all monsters. The other 21 are 3 sets of 7 times with the same effect, each able to be used by a different class.

The three universal items are all called 'Potion' one heals the monster that uses it 20 HP, another heals 10, and the last damages the taker 3 HP. Potion(+20) and Potion(+10) cure poison, Potion(-3) does not.

List of class items:

item effect Magic Item Tech Item Power Item
Next 3 hits +3 damage Ring of Speed Vitamins Boots of Speed
Next 3 opponent hits -3 damage Amulet of Protection Helmet Armor
Next attack will not miss Crystal Ball Homing Device Mantra
Damages opposing monster 10 HP* Wand-Magic Missile Blast Pistol Crossbow
Damages opposing monster 12 HP* Staff-Lightning Blast Rifle Sword
Damages opposing monster 1 HP + extra turn Spell Book-Sleep Tazer Tremor Hammer
Randomly destroys one of the opponents items Scroll-Decay Vaporizer Gauntlets-Crush

-*note: item attacks always hit and are not subject to class advantages.

If a monster is poisoned and the opposing monster uses any item the poison damage will not take place that turn.

Items are universal for all three tribes.

Skannerz CommanderEdit

there are also 24 items in Skannerz Commander and the items are basically take offs of the original 24 items only with different names and pictures. They even utilize the same barcodes.