Skannerz (Original)Edit

In Skannerz Each monster has three levels.

Benefits of going up in level:

  • Monsters Defense and Speed may go up.
  • Monster will gain a new attack which may be better then previous attack (old level attacks still usable)

A monsters level goes from level 1 to 2 when the monster reaches 31 Hit Points (not Experience Points) and from level 2 to 3 after reaching 70 Hit Points.

Skannerz RacerzEdit

Unlike Skannerz Original or Skannerz Commander, Skannerz Racerz Rides do not level up like monsters do. There stats can only be modified by parts.

Instead the player itself must level up from Rookie (level 1), Amateur (level 2), and Pro (level 3). Leveling up in Skannerz Racerz has the following benefits:

  • Ability to use Rides of the higher level.
  • Ability to acquire parts of a higher level.
  • Ability to participate in races of a higher level and difficulity.

To level up the player must win 10 races to go from Rookie to Amatuer. 10 is also required to go from Amateur to Pro.