Skannerz (Original)Edit

In Skannerz and Skannerz Commander there are three classes: Magic, Tech, and Power. A monsters attack animation depends on what class they are.

According to Flux in the Skannerz Instruction Manual:

"Like a game of Rock/Paper/Scissors, "Magic" class monsters have the advantage over "Power" class monsters, "Power" class monsters have the edge when fighting "Tech" class monsters, and "Tech" class monsters are the favorite in a battle with "Magic" class monsters."

A monster with a class advantage over it's opponent will do one extra damage with each hit. A monster with a class disadvantage will do one less damage. And a monster attacking another monster of the same class will do normal damage.

Class advantage also effect a monsters ability to dodge based on its defense. A monster with the advantage will hit more and dodge more, while a monster with a disadvantage will dodge less and hit less.

Most items can only be used by one class, each class has their own version of these items that only they can use but other items with the exact same effect also exist for the other two classes.

Only 3 items can be used by all classes: Potion (+20), Potion (+10), and Potion (Poison).

Each tribe has 14 of each class for a total of 42 monsters in a tribe.

their are 4 Exile monsters of each class for a total of 12.

there are a total of 46 Magic, 46 Tech, and 46 Power monsters known today in the Original Skannerz.


When building a team it is a very good idea to have one monster from each class, because:

  • Having each class in the team makes it so you can switch out to get the advantage no matter what monster the opponent has.
  • If a team does not have all of classes then a third or more of items will not be usable.

It is very important to have the class advantage, not only can more damage be done but having the class advantage makes it easier to hit and dodge.

Skannerz RacerzEdit

Classes works much differently in Skannerz Racerz. Each ride in the game has a class (with the exception of Gizmo which is all classes). The three classes are Off Road, Drag, and Street. Each class can only race against a ride of the same class.

Rides in the game also have another type of class which could also be considered a level. These are Rookie, Amatuer, and Pro. These rides can only be acquired by a player of equal or greaters level. In general a ride of higher level will have better stats.