Skannerz (Original)Edit

Battling is the main function of the game. The battle system RPG style and is very similar to that of Pokemon where each player has the choice of Attacking, Using an item, or Switching to a new monsters. Unlike Pokemon there is no option to run.

A play must have three monsters inorder to battle, monsters that are knocked out can not enter battle, monsters that are injuried can. If the player does not have three usable monsters then the game will say the enemy monster failed to form.

If a monster is level 2 or 3 it will have multiple attacks, in most situations the last attack is the strongest, however their are expections [they will be posted soon]. Some attacks have Poison Effect, which usually means it's most logical to use that attack first and then use the monsters most powerful attack.

Class advantage is very important to battling. See the Classes page for more information. Most items can only be used by certain classes.

If a monsters speed is higher then the opponents it goes first and vis versa, defense determines how well the monster can dodge.

There are two kinds of battles:

1. by scanning the barcode of an opposing tribes monster. If 3 able monsters are in the Skannerz database the player must battle, there is no way to get out of the battle expect for winning, losing, or reseting. if the game shuts off because it was left inactive for 60 seconds turning it back on will just begin where the battle left off.

2. Picking V.S. in the menu, this kind of battle requires two Skannerz, both needing three able monsters. This kind of battle can be ended by seperating the Skannerz in the middle of battle.

Skannerz CommanderEdit

[Battling is a bit more complicated in Skannerz Commander I'll get to it soon]